Who is Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale, Mergers & Acquisitions?

We help companies improve their odds of success, as it regards to Mergers & Acquisitions through a test approach that focuses on strategy, due diligence, and merger acquisition here in South Florida.

There are many stages involved in acquiring, divesting, and of course integrating companies. Here are some of the vital steps that we help navigate through, here at Andrew Barnett Mergers & Acquisitions.

Consider the M&A Candidate(s)

The screening process is very important for Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale. Integration feasibility must be carefully considered as well as any organization or operational challenges that can arise. Of course, in this stage we will plan and execute and in-depth due diligence.

Establish a Transition Team

A strong leadership team is necessary for a successful Merger. Managers that are actively on both sides must work together and both corporate cultures must be considered. A steering committee for the transition is vital.

Perform the Integration

Speed is critical at this stage. At this point, value should be established and familiarity on the final integration steps along with expectations are clear. Accountability is also key at this point, and goals should be tied in at every milestone. This is carefully considered by Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale.
  • - Alyssa Hernandez
    Andrew Barnett is able to simplify the Mergers & Acquisitions process in a way that every one in both organizations can easily get on board.
    - Alyssa Hernandez
  • - Chuck Cavuto
    I have know Andrew Barnett and his team in South Florida for quite some time. The professionalism and attention to detail is really great.
    - Chuck Cavuto
  • - Ken Koploff
    Andrew Barnett, M&A takes its extensive experience to the next level. There is nothing more important driving value, and this is what it does.
    - Ken Koploff

​What can Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale do for you?

​Andrew Barnett is dedicated to holding your hand throughout the entire process of a Merger & Acquisition. Here are some of the services provided.

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